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Written by Juliusz   
Monday, 14 September 2009 11:39

Our country, city, euroregion presentations:

National anthem:

ZIP file, 45MB, LO Zywiec High School presentation

PPT file, 11MB, Agnieszka Bańka presentation

PPT file, 21MB, Jakub Walatek presentation

PPT file, 12MB, Michał Kąkol presentation

PPT file, 40MB, Natalia Pietraszko presentation

PPT file,  7MB, Wojciech Piecha presentation,

Webpage, Żywiecczyzna Euroregion,

COMENIUS Meeting Presentation, PPSX, 16MB

Short story about Poland by Wojtek Niemiec, youtube video:

Zywiecczyzna Euroregion, youtube video:

LO Zywiec High School, youtube video:

Day of the student artistic work LO Zywiec High School, youtube video:

Poland, Beskidy, LO seen by our students - Łukasz Wolski and Filip Michalski, youtube video:

Some beautiful places in our town and in our nearest region by Filip Michalski, youtube video:

The Best of Poland, Beskidy and Żywiec by Piotr Łopatka, youtube video:

Poland, Żywiec, Beskidy Euroregion by Eliza Mikołajczyk

Poland in Mourning, FastStone slideshow, .exe file 6MB

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