Comenius Questionaire

The questionnaire is closed. The winners are: 1. Stefan Dinh (Austria) 2. Tom Van Bogaert (Belgium) 3. Tatjana Madl (Austria)

Rysy is the highest mountain in Poland. How high is it?

What is the capital of Poland?

What the name of the deepest lake in Poland?

Which of this countries is not bordering with Poland?

What is our town – Zywiec famous for?

Which Euroregion Zywiec belongs to?

Our Euroregion belongs to 2 countries besides Poland. What are those countries?

Is Poland connected to sea?

To which family of languages Polish language belongs to?

Which of this dishes is Polish meal?

Which of this rivers makes a border between Poland and Germany?

Nicolaus Copernicus is a patron of our School, in which Polish city did he live?

What is the climate of Poland?

Which of the following statement about soil is wrong?

In which choice the features of the materials in the manin layers of the soil is given correctly? (While answering take into consideration the Upper-Middle-Bottom Layers of the soil)

Which of the following is not a precaution to be taken for protecting the soil?

The human beings play an important role in the happenings of the erosion. Which of the following does not cause to erosion?

What is soil pollution? How can you define it?

What is organic agriculture?

What are the main factors which cause soil pullution?

What are the effects of air pollution to soil pollution?

What must be done in order to prevent soil pollution?

Which of the following is not a renewable energy source?

When is it useful to install a energy-efficient lamp?

Why is it so important for the world to use green energy?

How many do you save by using a low-energy light bulb?

Why is it not recommended to burn plastic?

What is the main energy source for life on Earth?

How many times has risen the energy the last 40 years worldwide?

What has been the biggest problem in the past 10 years?

Out of a normal tap flows an average of…. l/min.?

How much trash does Austria produce per person each year?

How is water considered?

What is the water cycle?

What is Water Pollution?

What are the sources of water pollution?

How many types of water pollution do you know?

What are the effects of water Pollution?

What is acid rain?

What are the effects of Acid Rain?

What are the ways to prevent Water Pollution?

Is Water the New Oil?

1. Which of these is not one of the "3 Rs" that help us to deal with waste?

How many average sized trees are saved by recycling 1 tonne of paper?

Which of these bits of rubbish cannot be turned into compost?

Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to run your TV for how long?

Which of these is not an example of reusing something?

Which of these is not an example of reusing something?

How many wasteburning areas are in Vienna

The Department of Agriculture found a way to make disposable diapers out of.......?

Every ton of new glass produced generates ...... kg. of air pollution?

Using recycled glass to produce new glass products reduces air pollution by .....%?

To manufacture 85 million tons of paper, how many trees must be cut down and processed?

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